/// Eco Friendly

Our commitment to the environment exceeds the standards of most companies in our industry and this is why we try to improve it every day.

Specifically, we are very concerned about the importance of reducing waste linked to the use of a variety of fine woods such as maple, oak and cherry wood. Our efforts in R&D and in product development are mainly focused on this challenge. In fact, our latest products provide fine wood savings of almost 80% in the execution of hardwood stairway projects.

Significant action is taken in order to sustain natural resources:

  • When available, we use FSC-certified wood products, a trademark that ensures the careful management of the cutting lots.
  • Our CNC equipment allows us to optimize the breakdown process in order to reduce waste.
  • Wood residues produced during the breakdown process are used to heat the plant.
  • We have implemented a separate collection of recyclable materials in our office and our retail outlets.
  • The Kameleon System can generate LEED credits for regional innovation and manufacturing.
  • We deliver our materials with minimum packaging.

Form more information on our environmental policies, contact us at vivonsvert@kameleonstairs.com

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